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G P E 篋藝術行政學院

G P E Art Admin Internship


Opportunities to become Art Production team!

For Age 15-28, a best chance to develop :

- Effective Meeting skills, Work as TEAM!

- Contribute Art Production, (HOW IT WORK?)

- Marketing, Fundraising & Promotion 

-Front-desk, Ticketing, Logistic, Stage Clue etc

We offer internship training program to higher education student, in both Art-related or non-music subject. 

Best Internship Award

up to $10000 scholarship


Collaborate institutions include HKU, CUHK, HKHSU, HKBU &  EduHK & more.

Chance to meet the artists, growth and make friendship. Let's plan & manage art event together!

GPEAA Alumni
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