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篋敲擊樂團季度課堂 擊薈 SEVEN
GP SummerFest VII

擊薈 陸 GP SummerFest VI

歡迎曾參與敲擊樂團活動之學員再次參與篋敲擊樂團舉辦之季度課程,由陳永業Gip Chan老師帶領樂團季度課程,繼續投入群體敲擊之樂趣!🕺🏻

​地點: 香港葵涌葵豐街1-5號葵芳盈業大廈 B座1620室 (近葵青劇院)
日期: 2,9,16,23,30/3 ; 6,13,20,27/4 ; 4,11,18,25/5

時間: 逢週六16:30 - 18:00




3月*僅限新會員 $320($320=$80*4節)試堂

3-5月*僅限新會員 $1940($1940=$320+$180*9節)

3-5月*行常同學 $2340($2340=$180*13節)




1. 除了新會員四節試堂優惠外,方案的適用日期為2024年3月至2024年5月

2. 如欲報名,請到下方查看/選取方案

3. 如果一節學生不足三人以上,排練時間可縮短為1小時

4. 如使用FPS、Alipay或Payme付款,請查看以下圖片描述並在以上表格發送付款記錄

5. 價格隨課程調整,如使用FPS、Alipay或Payme付款,請以下放所選方案的定價為準

6. 班製課堂以套餐形式提交,一經付款,不可退訂。


💰 GP registration fee ❗ :

March * Trial session $320 ($320=$80*4 sessions) for new members only

March-May * New Members only $1940 ($1940=$320+$180*9 sections)

March-May * Regular Students $2340 ($2340=$180*13 sessions)

Old students introduce friends can get a special session ($80)


💡 Registration Instructions ❗ :

1.The plans are applicable for the period March 2024 to May2024 .

2. If you wish to register, please scroll down and select a plan.

3. If there are less than three students during a session, the rehearsal time can be shortened to one hour.

4. If using FPS, Alipay or Payme to pay, please view the picture description and send a payment screenshot to the application form above.

5. Pricings vary as the class proceeds. If using FPS, Alipay or Payme to pay, please check the plans below and pay accordingly.

6. Classes are charged in the form of a package. Once paid, classes cannot be unsubscribed.


三月至五月 *從未參與過我們暑期音樂會、擊薈




Valid for 3 months